Please note:

13 October 2014  

Dear customers

In light of the segment aired last night on Carte Blanche with regards to pre-paid meters, we would like to highlight on and re-assure you of some of the content discussed.

  • Firstly, we are a licenced member of the STS association (Standard transfer specifications). This gives us a licence to vend to our meters.
  • We are also a member of the ECA (electrical contractors association) as well as the ECB (electrical contracting board) allowing us to do the installations and evaluations set out to standard.
  • We are part of a group that was formed – The Resellers association, attend regular conferences presented by NERSA (National Energy Regulator South Africa) and the various municipalities. We do this to ensure that we as resellers are on the same page and there is mutual understanding and basic guidelines in place until such time as sub pre- paid metering is regulated.

With The Meter Man, there are no “extra” or ‘’hidden’’ costs over and above what has been laid out in our service agreement (application form) between ourselves and the client.

The bulk majority of the service fee that is charged goes to the super vendors, these are the aggregators that provide you points to purchase electricity, namely your teller points of sale, mobile and internet buying services along with their cash handling fees.

We as The Meter man would like to be as transparent to our customers and in doing so provide the best service possible.

Should you have any questions or require any assistance, please feel free to give us a call or send an email through to and the query will be directed on to the relevant department who will be able to assist you in that regard.


Prepaid meter

The Meter Man offers prepaid meters that will be suited for all types of property applications. Look at our Product range to see what prepaid meter will be best suited for your property. Our prepaid meters are installed in over 1050 complexes and 1534 properties. We currently work with over 40 property managing companies, over 120 independent agents/contractors and pay out to over 2213 beneficiaries on a monthly basis.

Vending system for your prepaid meter

The Meter Man offers a pre-paid electricity vending solution where the complexities and operational control of a pre-paid system have been simplified to allow Sectional Title Properties, Body Corporates, Developers, Property Managers and Property Owners to benefit from our well-established metering system.


Our focus is to ensure that the prepayment system can be applied in commercial, industrial and residential developments. We have successfully reduced operating costs for our clients and who have gained the benefit of recovering the cost of electricity upfront, therefore reducing risk of non payment.


Our Goal is to keep on making it work, giving you a flexible solution to your property application, and live up to your expectations in bringing you the working function from Meter to Cash.  Supply you with a prepaid meterwith a vending system to manage your meter’s cash, taking your end consumer’s electricity purchases from the convenient store to your nominated beneficiary.